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Who Owns Biolife?


Is BioLife owned by Takeda?

BioLife, part of Takeda, is our global plasma collection network and an industry leader in the collection of high-quality plasma. With more than 140 centers in the U.S. and Europe, BioLife is recognized for its world-class donation safety standards and high-quality centers that deliver a positive donor experience.

Is BioLife plasma a publicly traded company?

BioLife is a leader in the collection of high quality plasma used to produce a range of life saving therapies. … BioLife Plasma Services is part of the publicly traded, biopharmaceutical, global company, Shire.

Is BioLife a good company?

Biolife was an extremely great company to work for. The technical training is extremely hands on which Allows you to gain a greater knowledge of your role and position in the company. You meet some really awesome people both coworkers/donors alike. Benefits are by far some of the best I’ve ever had.

Is BioLife or grifols better?

Employee Ratings

Grifols scored higher in 5 areas: Overall Rating, Work-life balance, CEO Approval, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook. Biolife Plasma Services scored higher in 3 areas: Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits and Senior Management. Both tied in 1 area: Culture & Values.

What is BioLife paying for plasma?

How much does BioLife pay you for donating? BioLife Plasma typically pays about $20 for your first visit and between $30-50 for your second. They also have promotions and other payments that you can use to increase your potential income. Most people get between $200-280 per month, depending on their donation schedule.

What industry is BioLife Plasma?

Biolife Plasma Services LP manufactures pharmaceutical products. The Company distributes prescription drugs, proprietary drugs, and toiletries.

Who is the CEO of BioLife plasma?

Stuart Jones – President and Chief Executive Officer.

How many BioLife locations are there?

Founded in 2002, BioLife has been in operation for 18 years. We operate more than 170 state-of-the-art plasma collection facilities across the United States and Europe.

What percentage of blood is plasma?

55 percent
The blood that runs through the veins, arteries, and capillaries is known as whole blood, a mixture of about 55 percent plasma and 45 percent blood cells.

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How long has BioLife been in business?

Founded in 2002, BioLife has been in operation for 18 years. We operate more than 170 state-of-the-art plasma collection facilities across the United States and Europe.

How much do BioLife employees make?

Biolife Plasma Services Salaries
Job Title Salary
Plasma Center Technician salaries – 97 salaries reported $14/hr
Phlebotomist salaries – 78 salaries reported $15/hr
Senior Plasma Center Technician salaries – 64 salaries reported $14/hr
Phlebotomist salaries – 52 salaries reported $15/hr

Does BioLife test for drugs?

Yes a urine test. They’ll give you a lab to go do the drug test at, that’s closest to where you live. Marijuana and other drugs.

Who owns Biomat plasma?

Grifols acquires the company SeraCare, now Biomat, and its 43 plasma donation centers in the United States.

How much is 1l of plasma worth?

Each liter of plasma can be worth as much as $200 before the manufacturing process and as much as $500 after, analysts said. About two-thirds of a liter of plasma is taken on each visit, depending on the donor’s weight.

What disqualifies you from donating plasma?

People can’t donate if they have or had tuberculosis, heart disease (and currently taking medication for it), sickle cell anemia, certain types of cancer, or malaria (contracted in the past three years or travelled to an endemic area in the past year).

What happens if I lost my BioLife card?

Card Replacement – If you lose your card and have it replaced in the center, there is a $4.95 fee for the replacement. Point of Sale Purchase (Signature and PIN) – No fee. Over-the-counter Bank Cash Withdrawal – $2.95 fee.

How much does Biomat USA pay for plasma?

The average Biomat USA hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a Plasma Processor to $43 per hour for a Cms.

How often can I donate plasma? You can donate twice a week. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows 2 donations within a 7-day period, with at least 48 hours between donations. So if you donate on a Monday, you can donate again Wednesday.

Who owns CSL plasma?

CSL Behring

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What is BioLife plasma used for?

Screened plasma collected from healthy individuals is processed into a wide variety of therapies for people around the world with rare, life-threatening diseases, such as immunodeficiency disorders, hemophilia and hereditary angioedema.

Where does plasma come from?

The origin of plasma, which constitutes 55% of total blood, is interesting because no organ produces it. Instead, it is formed from water and salts absorbed through the digestive tract.

Does it hurt? Most people compare the feeling of the needle to a mild bee sting. You will also be required to submit to a finger stick test each time you donate so the collection center medical staff can evaluate your protein and hemoglobin levels.

Research shows that plasma donation is safe, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) emphasize that there is no risk of getting the wrong blood back. Also, the FDA and other health authorities regulate the equipment and procedure of plasma donation.

How much money you make depends on where you’re located and how much you weigh. (Typically, the more a donor weighs, the more plasma can be collected and the longer an appointment takes.) But at most donation centers, compensation is around $50 to $75 per appointment. First-time donors sometimes get big bonuses, too.

Does blood type matter for plasma?

Blood types are also important for plasma transfusions, but the rules are different than the rules for red blood cells transfusions. For example, people with type AB blood are universal plasma donors, and they can only receive type AB plasma.

How many pints of blood does a person have for every 14 pounds of body weight?

A person has approximately one pint of blood for every 14 pounds of body weight.

How much does a bag of plasma cost?

Because plasma can be a medical necessity, companies that collect it tend to wield significant pricing power. These days, a liter of plasma that costs a company about $150 to collect and process could sell for in the neighborhood of $500—a substantial markup in any industry.

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Following normal daily nutrition and proper water intake, the body can replenish the plasma proteins and fluid taken at each donation within 24-48 hours. For this reason, the FDA authorizes plasma donation up to two (2) times within a seven (7) day period, provided that there is at least one day between donations.

How much do biolife nurses make?

The typical Biolife Plasma Services Nurse salary is $30 per hour. Nurse salaries at Biolife Plasma Services can range from $21 – $43 per hour.

What do biolife employees wear?

What is the uniform requirement at BioLife Plasma Services? They provide scrubs!

Is selling plasma taxable income?

To answer shortly, yes, plasma donations are taxable, and they fall under the category of self-employment tax. Especially when you’ve been donating plasma for a long time, it implies that you’re involved in the plasma donation business, and it is counted as a form of self-employed or unaffiliated tax.

Do not ingest any cannabis edibles. Edibles take much longer to exit your system and therefore THC will remain in your plasma for longer. If you are high or intoxicated while donating, you could have low blood pressure or hypotension. These sort of conditions will prevent you from being eligible to donate plasma.

Do plasma centers test for STDS?

Vital signs are checked at each donation, and blood samples are taken for screening tests to rule out transmissible diseases such as hepatitis and HIV and to check for proper liver function. Donors always come in contact with a minimum of four trained team members who assess their suitability to donate.

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