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Who Is Sharon Brown?

Sharon Brown is an American singer-songwriter and musician who was born in Harlem, New York City. She is the niece of songwriter Phil Medley, who co-wrote the song “Twist and Shout”.

Sharon Brown (singer)
Sharon Brown
Born Harlem, New York City, United States
Genres Soul Post-disco
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments Vocals

Who is Sharon Brown married to?

Sharon Brown/Spouse
Personal life. She married Billy Blanks Jr., the son of Tae Bo fitness personality Billy Blanks. They taught at fitness studios in Sherman Oaks, California, and developed a series of fitness videos. In 2014, Blanks pitched the program to Shark Tank and accepted a deal.

Is Sharon Brown Democrat or Republican?

Republican Party

How old is Sharon Brown?

59 years (January 11, 1962)

Who played Nancy on Good Times?

Cindy Crebbins, a college classmate of Michael’s, appears in the Season 6 episode of Good Times titled “Michael’s Decision”.
Cindy Crebbins
Appeared on: Good Times
Episodes appeared in: “Michael’s Decision” (Season 6)
Character played by: Nancy Morgan

Where is Sharon Brown?

New York City
Brown resides in New York City, where she works to raise awareness about gang violence and spread positive messages through her writings and recordings. She is also active in prison ministry.

Who played Booger on Good Times?

Brown is most famous, however, for his role as building superintendent Nathan Bookman on the 1970s CBS sitcom, Good Times. Bookman was often the brunt of fat jokes via the show’s main character J. J. Evans (Jimmie Walker).

Johnny Brown (actor)
Johnny Brown
Children 2, including Sharon Brown
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How old is Portman?

65 years (December 19, 1955)

What part of Ohio does Sherrod Brown represent?

Sherrod Brown
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio’s 13th district
In office January 3, 1993 – January 3, 2007
Preceded by Donald J. Pease
Succeeded by Betty Sutton

Where is Senator Brown from?

Mansfield, Ohio, United States

Who played Cindy on Good Times?

Nancy Morgan
Nancy Karen Morgan (born April 1, 1949) is an American actress.
Nancy Morgan
Occupation Actress
Years active 1975–present
Spouse(s) John Ritter ​ ​ ( m. 1977; div. 1996)​
Children 3; including Jason and Tyler

How old is Jimmie Walker?

74 years (June 25, 1947)

Who was Buffalo butt on Good Times?

Johnny Brown
Character played by: Ever so affectionately referred to by Willona Woods as “Booger” or “Buffalo Butt”, Nathan Bookman is the housing project’s indolent superintendent. The part of Bookman is played on the series by Johnny Brown.

Why did James Amos leave good times?

Stating creative differences with the show’s writers and producers, Amos said of his 1976 departure: “I left because I was told that my services were no longer needed because I had become a ‘disruptive element. ‘ In other words, I didn’t have the diplomacy that I think I’ve cultivated over the last 10 or 15 years.

Who is Rob Portman wife?

Jane Portman

What is Rob Portman’s net worth?

List of current members of the United States Congress by wealth
Rank Name Net worth ($ million)
46 Rob Portman 10.8
47 Lisa Blunt Rochester 10.7
48 Anna Eshoo 10.3
49 Chris Coons 10.1
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What area does Rob Portman represent?

Rob Portman
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio’s 2nd district
In office May 4, 1993 – April 29, 2005
Preceded by Bill Gradison
Succeeded by Jean Schmidt

What district does Rob Portman represent?

Senator (OH) since 2011

Who is one of Ohio US senators now?

Its current U.S. senators are Democrat Sherrod Brown (serving since 2007) and Republican Rob Portman (serving since 2011), making it one of seven states to have a split United States Senate delegation; these states being Maine, Montana, Ohio itself, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Is Amy Yasbeck married?

John Ritter

Who is Jason Ritter married to?

Jason Morgan Ritter (born February 17, 1980) is an American actor and producer.
Jason Ritter
Spouse(s) Melanie Lynskey ​ ( m. 2020)​
Partner(s) Marianna Palka (1999–2013)
Children 1
Parents John Ritter (father) Nancy Morgan (mother)

What happened to Carl on Good Times?

Florida shouting “Damn! … At the end of the fourth season, Florida was written out by having her marry Carl Dixon. When she returned, Carl was nowhere to be seen. It was later revealed that he’d died of cancer.

Who played Henrietta on Good Times?

Tina Andrews
Tina Andrews
Born Yvonne L. Andrews April 23, 1951 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Education New York University
Occupation Actress television producer author playwright
Years active 1971–present

Who grew up with Janet Jackson on Good Times?

Penny Gordon Woods is one of the main characters that appears on the CBS-TV series Good Times in Seasons 5 and 6. The part of Penny is played by actress/singer/recording artist and entertainer Janet Jackson.

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How old was Bernadette Stanis on Good Times?

67 years (December 22, 1953)

Did Good Times cast get along?

Jimmie Walker once talked about the relationships between members of the cast. In an interview a few years ago with the Television Academy (as reported by Urban Hollywood 411), Walker said that he and his fellow cast members did not have a close relationship while they were filming the show.

What happen to Thelma on Good Times?

Stanis played the role of Thelma Ann Evans on the CBS sitcom Good Times from February 1974 to August 1979. After the series ended, she made appearances on television shows including The Cosby Show and What’s Happening Now!!. … In July 2016, Stanis appeared on an episode of Centric’s Being, discussing her life and career.

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