who is quinn on the bold and beautiful

Who is Quinn Forrester?

Rena Sofer
Quinn Forrester (née Fuller, previously Sharpe) is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Rena Sofer since 2013.

How old is Quinn on bold and the beautiful in real life?

Rena Sherel Sofer (born December 2, 1968) is an American actress, known for her appearances in daytime television, episodic guest appearances, and made-for-television movies.
Rena Sofer
Born Rena Sherel Sofer December 2, 1968 Arcadia, California, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1984–present

What happened with Eric and Quinn on B&B?

Their biggest problem was Eric’s erectile dysfunction, which left him unable to be intimate with Quinn. Eric’s condition led Quinn to have an affair with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), which the Forrester patriarch allowed. However, Quinn recently ended her relationship with Carter to stay with Eric.

How old is Brooke from Bold and the Beautiful?

Katherine Kelly Lang (born Katherine Kelly Wegeman; July 25, 1961) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Brooke Logan in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for the CBS Daytime programming block.

Year 1999, 2007
Title The Young and the Restless
Role Brooke Logan
Notes Guest role

Does Eric stay with Quinn?

Eric admitted he keeps Quinn around because he’s lonely. However, since his condition left him unable to be intimate with Quinn, he asked Carter to do it. Yet, Eric’s recent change of heart had Quinn dumping Carter to stay with her husband. Eric knew he asked a lot of Quinn, who made a huge sacrifice for him.

Does Eric kick Quinn out?

Eric threw Quinn out of the house, but she was determined to earn his forgiveness and repair their marriage.

Where is Rena Sofer now?

She is currently married to Sanford Bookstaver and has two daughters. Sofer, who plays Quinn Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful, has been acting since she was discovered in NY at age 15. She has dabbled in modeling and has acted in other roles, including other daytime dramas, television roles, and film.

Who does Eric Forrester end up with?

Remarriage of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan Forrester

In 2005, not long after divorcing Stephanie again, Eric returns to Brooke and they marry. The two become co-CEOs of Forrester Creations and fire Stephanie.

Who is Eric Forrester married to now?

Stephanie Forrester
Biography. Eric and now deceased wife, Stephanie Forrester are both co-founders of the Los Angeles-based fashion house, Forrester Creations. They have three living children: Kristen , Thorne, and Felicia.

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How old is ridge on Bold and the Beautiful?

Thorsten Kaye (born Thorsten Ernst Kieselbach) is a German-British actor who portrays Ridge Forrester #2 on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2013, taking over the 25 year portrayal by Ronn Moss.
Thorsten Kaye
Born February 22, 1966
Birthplace Frankfurt, Germany
Age 54
Occupation Actor

What happened to Eric Forrester Jr?

After they welcomed their son, Eric “Rick” Forrester, Jr., Brooke was drawn back to a newly-single Ridge, and she claimed to be carrying his baby, but Bridget Forrester turned out to be Eric’s. … After Eric had a heart attack while having sex with his wife and fell into a coma, it was revealed that he’d been poisoned.

How old is deacon on Bold and Beautiful?

Hope tried guilt tripping Deacon into not marrying Quinn. Hope stated it would strain their relationship threatened to exclude him from her life once again. Deacon told Hope sorry and told Brooke to leave. Wyatt gave Quinn and Deacon his blessing and they get married.

Does Eric marry Donna?

Donna and Eric remain together even after their called off wedding. In the end of Season 7, Eric moves to Africa to teach kids in order to pursue his dream of helping people.

Is Carter from bold and beautiful married?

As of 2013, Saint-Victor is playing attorney Carter Walton on the American CBS Daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.
Lawrence Saint-Victor
Spouse(s) Shay Flake ​ ( m. 2007)​
Children 1

Is Carter leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

As far as the public knows, there’s no word that he’ll be leaving anytime soon. No announcement has been made about actor Saint-Victor’s departure, which is good news, because it sounds like the love triangle between Eric, Quinn, and Carter could provide fodder for the series for quite some time.

What are Rena Sofer measurements?

1.68 m

Who played Marilyn Bauer?

Rena Sofer

What is Carter’s last name on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Carter Walton
Carter Walton is a fictional character on The Bold and the Beautiful. He was portrayed by Lawrence Saint-Victor since January 2013.

Is Rena Sofer leaving B&B?

Rena Sofer is unlikely to be leaving B&B because chances are pretty good this is far from the last we’ll see of Quinn Fuller. All of this drama only means more screen time for Ms. Sofer. Rena Sofer gave an interview in 2018 to Soaps In Depth saying “I’ve resigned my contract and we’ll see what is in store for Quinn.

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Who plays dollar bill on Bold and Beautiful?

Don Diamont
Don Diamont stars as Bill Spencer, often referred to as “Dollar Bill,” the dashing, ruthless and “win at all costs” patriarch of the Spencer Media Empire on The Bold and the Beautiful. Diamont made history by being the first actor from a daytime drama series to be named in People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful” issue.

Is Rena Sofer still married?

Rena Sofer divorced and reunited with Sanford Bookstaver

In 2017, Sofer and Bookstaver decided to divorce after almost 14 years of marriage. They remained on good terms in order to co-parent their daughter. However, to the surprise of fans everywhere, the couple eventually reunited in 2019.

How many times has Brooke been married on The Bold and the Beautiful?

In addition to Ridge (whom she married eight times), Brooke has had relationships with Ridge’s father, Eric Forrester, Ridge’s two half-brothers, Thorne Forrester and Nick Marone, her son-in-law Deacon Sharpe, her brother-in-law Bill Spencer, Jr., and several others, including marriages to Whip Jones and Grant Chambers …

Was Sheila married to Eric on Bold and Beautiful?

She learns that Sheila was formerly married to Eric, and that her mother wants her to live the life she had always dreamed of with Rick. Sheila pushes Erica to have sex with Rick, so that she can live vicariously as a Forrester through her daughter.

When were Donna and Eric married on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Eric shocked everyone when he took Donna Logan’s hand in marriage in 2008.

Who poisoned Eric Forrester?

Useful information about Eric Forrester

* Has been romantically involved with three Logan women. * Was poisoned by Pam and survived a resulting heart attack.

Who is Ridge’s biological father?

Ridge Forrester/Father
Unlike Liam, Ridge took the name of his adoptive father (Eric Forrester). His biological father was Massimo Marone.

How old is Thorsten?

55 years (February 22, 1966)

Is Ridge Eric’s son on Bold and Beautiful?

Ridge Forrester is the son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester (until a 2001 storyline changes his paternity), the oldest of the five Forrester children: Thorne, Kristen, Felicia and Angela. He is initially portrayed as an arrogant playboy who fully enjoys his status as the favored son.

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Is Rick Forrester coming back to the bold and beautiful?

As reported by TV Guide, Jacob Young (J.R., “AMC”) is reprising his role as Rick Forrester on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” The actor will be returning to his very first television role right after his role on “All My Children” on ABC wraps up in September before its migration online.

Why did Rick Forrester leaving The Bold and the Beautiful?

According to Soap Opera Digest, actor Kyle Lowder will be leaving The Bold and the Beautiful as Rick Forrester after four years. Apparently, Brad Bell told Kyle he felt bad about the lack of storyline for the character, and thought it best they go their separate ways.

Is Sean Kanan related to Steve Burton?

He is related to former on-screen brother, Steve Burton, by marriage. Has a daughter, Simone Andrea Kanan (b. late 2001), with former co-star on The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), Gladise Jiminez.

Who is deacon and Brookes baby?

Brooke gave birth to their daughter, Hope Logan, and pushed Deacon away. He returned to town trying to be a part of his daughter’s life, and Brooke’s new beau, Nick Marone, convinced her to give him a chance. Deacon was so grateful that he signed parental rights to Hope over to Nick when he and Brooke tied the knot.

What crime did Deacon commit on The Bold and the Beautiful?

He had a sexual relationship with a lady named Diane Jenkins, and was later involved in her murder. Deacon was arrested and sent to prison. Months later, Bill Spencer Jr. approached an imprisoned Deacon in Genoa City to help him take part of his plans to keep his son Liam Spencer and Deacon’s daughter Hope apart.

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